ABOUT Sewn Sass

Do you Offer Deadlines or Rush Fees?

NO we always makes suits at our own pace we won't offer a deadline or rush a suit EVER! You can Ask for a loose ETA but there is no guarantee on completion times!

Will you accept mulitple refrences with certian designs from each?

The awnser is NO! We would like a correct 1-2 page FUSRUIT FRIENDLY refrence preferably with out shading and very simple! No gradients 

Do you Ship International?

(due to covid-19 this is not available right now) 


Sometimes! Depending on the country! Shipping will be quite expensive and we follow all importing laws. Payments are alwasy in USD only! Please let us know the just of where you reside so me may quote you!

What forms of payment do you accept?

Paypal is our preferred meathod. But we also accept all major credit cards! Western Union as a last resort.

International buyers Paypal only and in (USD) currency

Whats Your average Wait time?

Between 1-2 years after your final payment has been sent!! 

When should I send In my DTD?

We will contact you about a month before we begin your project and let you know its time to send in your DTD. This prevents most major weight changes and can best allow us to provide a great fitting costume!!

What is a DTD?

This is a ductape casting of yourself. There are plenty of nice tutorials online that can better explain how to create your own DTD.We use DTD's to make your full body suits!

What do you need to make my full suit?

We will need a DTD,weight,several diffrent measurments, a single hand tracing, and a shoe size !

What if I don't have a reference sheet or concept art?

We can recommend you to some amazing concept artist we prefer and who have a good track record.

Can I change my design?

Minimal changes to a design can be made with preapproval. If we have started on your suit you can nologer change the design

How many years have you been making suits?

8years, Full time. Currently we mostly 75% operate solo!

Do You show Work in Progress Photos?

Yes! There is a Telegram group chat for out customers to follow daily progress. We will occasionally post them Via twitter. We can Show them at request, but please don't ask everyday!

Do you have pets?

Yes we do! We have dogs, birds and cats. All pets are kept out of the work space as much as possible. I do have a service dog and he's usually at my side!

What Age do you have to be to get a costume from SPC?

Min. age is 18yrs.

Do you accept custom commissions? RARELY We do, However were very picky and select few designs each year, It is not a first come first serve basis. If we have anything available or for sale please note you'll here about it on out twitter. @sassypupcreate

Do you offer Con Pick Up?

If we are attending the con your requesting then its possible! 

We do not ship to hotels! So plan accordingly!

Where are you located?

Northern Ky United States

Do you Accept Payment Plans?

Yes! We do! 

Please read out TOS fully to understand how our payment plans work! We operate differently than other suit makers!

IF I SEE YOU at a con what should I do?

Feel free to come say hello! Please introduce yourself as May forget names or faces. Please don't be offended if I can't remember you I Apologies in advance!

Please DO NOT follow me to my room! My room is my safe space and I like to spend my downtime there.

 Get Sassy

Sassy pup creations began in 2012.  After Jewlz' broke her leg she had nothing better to do for 3 months of bed rest to learn how to make fur suits.The Photo Shown here was Actually the very first made. Since then we have come a long way. Our hope is to create fursuits that satisfy our customers, but also last many years. As of 2019 Sassy Pup creations Is now Know as Sewn Sass! Hope you like our rebrand!!


Sewn Sass is dedicated in finding new and better ways of creating suits. We use only tough materials and make sure everying has been tested strong. The best suits are made with pirde, compassion and a keen eye.



each suit is made with a hole lotta luv!!